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When a commercial septic system breaks down, subsequent delays can have a costly impact on a business. Delays caused by non-working plumbing or drainage, overflows, repairs, inspections or system re-installation can cause a partial or total production shutdown. As many commercial facilities produce hazardous waste materials as a byproduct of industrial processes, any type of waste backup might result in harmful leaks and floods that force a facility to close until professionals perform the required remediation to make the environment safe.

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Commercial septic services are as diverse the buildings that require them. We do immediate repairs to stop plumbing and septic emergencies, and we also offer preventative and regularly scheduled maintenance. Whether you have a dirty commercial septic tank, drain, or wastewater pipe, we can clean and maintain it. To learn more about Walter Environmental Services, browse our list of commercial septic services in Harrisburg, PA.
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Catch Basin Cleaning.
We remove sediment and other waste products from your storm drain's catch basin.
Digester and Lagoon Cleaning.
Digesters and their lagoons need regular flushing, venting, and pumping to operate efficiently. We'll keep your digester working at top speed.
Drain Cleaning.
Drains inevitably clog, but they should never stay clogged for long. Contact us if your wastewater system or commercial pipes aren't draining quickly.
Grease Tank/Trap Services.
We prevent clogs by removing the grease from your grease tank or trap.
Industrial Water Disposal.
We take your business' industrial wastewater and dispose of it in an environmentally safe manner.
Leachate Removal.
Leachates extract harmful chemicals from solid and liquid waste. They contain a high percentage of toxic chemicals. Only professionals should handle them and dispose of leachates.
Lift Station Cleaning and Repair.
As waste drains into your lift station, it slowly collects. In order to keep your lift station working, we provide regular maintenance, cleaning, and repair.
Liquid Sludge Removal.
Once solids have separated from liquids in sewage treatment, what's left is liquid sludge. We remove, treat, and dispose of sludge.

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Walters Environmental Services is a family-owned and operated company that specializes in septic cleaning and pumping. We stand by our motto, “Our Service is the Difference.” We always go above and beyond for our clients, and we also offer round-the-clock emergency service every day of the year.
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