Drain and Sewer Cleaning in Harrisburg, PA

If you notice that your sink isn't draining as fast it used to, then it's probably clogged. Don't go through the messy experience of unclogging it yourself; let the professional plumbers at Walter's Environmental Services do the dirty work.
Drain Cleaning

A clogged drain can affect your entire plumbing system. We are here to make sure you avoid a backed-up sink and a flooded kitchen. Walter's Environmental Services provides professional drain cleaning in Harrisburg, PA to fix any drain problems, even the tough ones.

To unclog your drain, we pinpoint the source of your clog and flush your drain pipes using water jetting. Water jetting uses pumps and flexible hoses to spray pressurized water through the sewer lines. A special nozzle blasts blockages and tough pipe buildup straight out of the pipe.
Sewer Cleaning

If the water in your house still isn't draining properly, your sewer might be the problem. A clogged sewer line may cause major plumbing system problems that require sewer line repair. That's when you call our experts for premium sewer cleaning in Harrisburg, PA and central Pennsylvania.

Sewer line blockage is usually caused by tree roots. Tree roots invade pipes to find moisture, only to end up plugging or breaking sewer lines. Clay tile pipes are the most vulnerable to root invasion, but roots can even penetrate concrete and PVC pipes.

Instead of digging up your yard to find the problem, our technicians use a small camera to inspect your sewer lines. Our sewer camera finds the problem, targets its location, and confirms the lateral pipes' condition. From the video inspection, our plumbers can clear your clogged sewer lines quickly and efficiently.
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At Walter's Environmental Services we know how difficult it is to clean a drain or a sewer. That's why we're available 24/7 to relieve you of any plumbing system problems.

Call (866) 423-4545 for drain or sewer cleaning in Harrisburg, PA and surrounding areas.