Electrical Pumps in Harrisburg, PA

The moving of water is a basic need, and can be made much easier than using a bucket or ones hands. Water can be moved about easily with our high quality water pumps, the best in water mechanics.

Electric pumps are common and easy to use. Durable with great performance, these pumps use the latest in technology, offering high performance, economy and mobility. A submersible pump is available for use in water, whereby the motor is sealed from water damage and allows fluid to be pumped through it. You can also extract water from underground locations with a shallow well pump which provides fresh water to rural homes, cabins and farms. Typically used in conjunction with wells, a water pressure tank will store and provide a consistent flow by keeping pressurized water which can be distributed to different areas of your home.

An ideal solution to keep your lawn sprinkler systems running smoothly, a sprinkler pump is a great fix for your water system or garden irrigation. Typically placed between the water source and sprinkler valves, the pump will move water at a steady rate making sure each spray head receives enough water for irrigation. If you need a water pump replacement, Call Walters Environmental Services.
We are a Goulds Pump Dealer.
We can maintain and replace any size pumping system.
Lifespan of a new pump is anywhere from 7-10 years.
We replace and repair sump pumps in basements.

Things that effect the lifespan of a pump:

  1. Solids buildup from not pumping the system regularly
  2. Outside water inflow into the pumping system
  3. Short cycling the pumps (the system is to small)
  4. Clogged drainfield lines
  5. Electrical deficiencies to the pumping system
Don't wait to have your sump pump checked for not working properly
when you need it the time is before you need it to check on it.
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